The Red Tent

"I feel I have a strong support network and have a place to work on my mind body and spirit. I always aim to do things myself but get caught up in the business of everyday life. Coming along to the red tent is fun and uplifting. The food is yummy and the tea is perfect. Each week I look forward to finding a new way of approaching my daily tasks to help me grow, stay calm and be the best person I can be. It's great to hear about other peoples ideas and concerns and realise that we all need help in different ways. I would recommend this group to people who enjoy working on and are open to developing their balance of mind, body and soul and enjoy sharing their experiences along the way. However sometimes I do not like sharing how I feel in front if the group but it's good for me. Thank you- you are amazing, generous and very dedicated to others health and well being! I am so happy to be in this group."

"I wasn't really sure what to expect & came to the group trying to be open to new experiences (change & social situations are quite scary for me) & discussions with wonderful, caring, like-minded people. It took a lot of deep breaths to overcome the anxiety of meeting new people & actually walking in but I'm so pleased I did!"

"I love the tent. It's become a haven for me. I love the meditation and I enjoy being around like minded women who haven't once looked at me like I'm a crazy hippy for anything I've said. I value alternative health practices alongside conventional stuff and broadening my horizons overall. I enjoy the meditations and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE sharing tea and food. It makes me feel so at home. I really, really love the group and feel blessed to be involved."

The Ballarat Massage & Naturopathy Red Tent is a contemporary women’s health and wellness group, guided by a fully qualified, practicing naturopath. Our primary aim is to provide support for women as they make dietary and lifestyle changes to ease symptoms of female hormonal disorders such as endometriosis, PCOS and premenstrual symptoms. We believe everyone chooses their own path to health, so there is never any pressure to do any particular thing- and all topics are open for discussion! We talk about current information regarding dietary and lifestyle measures for managing hormonal health complaints; we talk about sleep and breathing and the importance of belief; we give yards of love and support to those struggling with fertility issues; and, most importantly, we help you learn that you are more than your health problems.

Red Tents have traditionally been places women would gather during their monthly bleeds. As women of all ages would be drawn together, The Red Tents became sacred repositories of women’s wisdom- where girls learned what it was to be a woman in their culture. In our society, Red Tents have become a place for women to gather together to reclaim the connectedness that for many has been lost. They are a place to slow down, to take a moment to feel present and to find sustenance for the soul.

The Ballarat Massage & Naturopathy Red Tent is a safe, nurturing space local women can gather to give and receive support, to share information, and to develop and practice new skills to increase their sense of wellness. We see health as having three interconnected pillars- the body, mind and spirit, and we aim to provide love and nurturing to each one.

We play with diets, looking at specific food groups and sharing food as we trial new ways of eating. We practice guided relaxation, meditation, and tuning in to our own wisdom. We discuss exercise, learn mind-body techniques, and practice rituals; we laugh, swear, drink many cups of tea and we would love to share your journey!

If you are drawn to join us in the Red Tent, please email Jodi for more information