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Festive Excess


I know, we swear we wont, but sometimes we do anyway. Here are some tips for getting through the festive season hangovers


  • Use the mornings- eat a good breakfast- quality protein, low carb, lots of vegies (a couple of eggs and a green smoothie), get some exercise
  • Eat lots of green salads. Those raw leafy greens have loads of nutrients to help you process and eliminate the less nutritious choices you might make later.
  • Take your probiotics. They'll help your digestive system cope with excess sugar and alcohol
  • Support your liver with dandelion or chamomile tea

Before you go

  • Have a high protein snack before going out- this will help you make healthier decisions because you wont be ravenous!
  • Take a teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar in a little water to stimulate the digestive processes

While out

  • Eat before you start drinking! Food slows the absorption of alcohol and decreases irritation of the stomach
  • Stay away from the pace setter. Be aware that sitting near someone who eats quickly will encourage you to eat (and drink) more.
  • Pay attention. Be aware that interesting conversation can stop you from chewing properly and from noticing you've had enough. Take your time and listen to your body
  • After the meal, move food away from where you are sitting. Having to get up to go for seconds makes it less likely you'll overeat- this obviously works for drinking as well!
  • Drinking a glass of water at least every couple of alcoholic drinks. This helps prevent hangovers.
  • Darker coloured drinks have more byproducts of fermentation and distillation which worsen hangovers. Soft drinks are full of sugar- or worse, artificial sweeteners so consider choosing vodka or gin with soda or mineral water.
  • Take a breath! Don't rush in from running all over town and start eating. Take a moment to relax and prepare mentally for eating.
  • Be aware of "eating your emotions". Notice if you're uncomfortable or upset. Treat yourself with love and consideration. Don't eat if you're not hungry
  • Don't beat yourself up for eating "badly". Try your best to make healthy choices with the options available but then let it go and enjoy your time with your friends and family.

If you went too far-

  • Overeating can be relieved by having some ginger or chamomile tea or by taking some apple cider vinegar in water

If you drink too much-

  • Before bed drink lots of water and take another glass for when you wake in the night. Take some Vitamin C and a B vitamin complex if you have them on hand.
  • In the morning, think fluids- water with a squeeze of lemon, ginger, peppermint or chamomile teas will help nausea and support liver. Bone broth is good here as it has great minerals and will help soothe the irritated stomach lining
  • Take some more Vit C and another B vitamin if you can handle the smell.

Get some exercise. Moving and sweating will help clear out that alcohol.

There are two mindsets that spell trouble- "I'm having an unhealthy day so I'll just eat whatever" and "I'm starting a new diet on Jan 1 so I better eat all of the things now". Don't fall for that old trick! Enjoy yourself but you'll feel far better if you commit to healthy choices. I am back on the 6th of January so book in and see me if you need a hand!

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