Berries and Hepatitis A

I'm hearing a lot of panic and miss-information around the frozen berries/Hep A drama, so I thought I'd take a moment to clarify a few issues to help you feel better. By now most people are aware of the Hepatitis A cases being linked to frozen mixed berries. Patties have recalled the suspect product-Nanna’s 1kg frozen Mixed […]

Festive Excess

I know, we swear we wont, but sometimes we do anyway. Here are some tips for getting through the festive season hangovers Maintenance- Use the mornings- eat a good breakfast- quality protein, low carb, lots of vegies (a couple of eggs and a green smoothie), get some exercise Eat lots of green salads. Those raw leafy […]

End of year stress

This time of the year is famously crazy as we get busy trying to combine increased work and social obligations. To help prevent the traditional end of year collapse, take the time as the year ramps up to look after your stress load. Simplify your diet. Christmas day and work breakups mean you’ll likely be […]