Are you looking for a simple, easy and cost effective way to feel better?

Try massage

Regular massage has been found to not only relieve stress and muscular tension but to have an incredibly diverse range of beneficial effects. Regular massage can ease your PMT, help tone and soften your skin, strengthen your immune system and break up cellulite. It can also help you focus, improve your problem solving abilities and help you perform better at work. Massage also improves sleep, eases anxiety and depression and, most importantly, feels fantastic…so book in now!



Receive a deeply relaxing, therapeutic massage utilising a variety of techniques to shape the treatment to your needs. This may include Swedish massage, trigger point therapy, myofascial release or deep tissue techniques Your massage will be complemented by an individually tailored essential oil aromatherapy blend, using a nourishing coconut oil base

Health and dietary advice

Have you recently been told you have to modify your diet? Are you struggling to budge stubborn weight? Do you simply want to feel better? Find solutions to health and dietary challenges, this may include supplementation with herbs, vitamins and minerals

Flower essences

Experience the simple efficacy of vibrational medicines. Bach flower essences can help rebalance your emotional body, which can often lead to an improvement of your physical symptoms. They can be taken by almost anyone of any age.